Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Shadows On The Lawn

1. Velvet Monkeys: All The Same
2. Azalia Snail: Dual Control
3. Kramer: The Bosom Friend
4. Dogbowl: Silkworm Exploding
5. Bongwater: Joy Ride
6. Dean Wareham: Smile
7. Lida Husik: Hemlock
8. B.A.L.L.: Hardball
9. Daniel Johnston: Held The Hand
10. John S. Hall & Kramer: Real Men
11. Uncle Wiggly: Irresponsible Pants
12. Damon & Naomi: Laika
13. Ween: Pollo Asado
14. Christian Marclay: Les Boites
15. Marc Ribot & Syd Straw: I Must Be In Love
16. King Missile: Cheesecake Truck
17. Galaxie 500: Snowstorm
18. Paleface: Burn and Rob


There goes the Titanic now. She never really sank, she just became an airship, floating high in the sky, as light as a gigantic silkworm. The Titanic is an airship and she's finally arriving in New York City. Look, you can see her. The passengers are waving as she floats over Manhattan. Under the clouds, she's docking with the needle at the top of the Chrysler building.