Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Chapter 7: Shadows & Tall Trees

FDW Live at Feast of Mabon, Somerset September 2013

Chapter 7: Shadows & Tall Trees

1. Adana Twins: Strange
2. Greymatter: Tesla (Dub Refix)
3. Paul Key: You Got Feeling (Dub Version)
4. Marcellis: Untitled
5. LFO: Mentok 1
6. Sir Stephen: Hypercolor Emulsion
7. Inga Copeland: A&E
8. Martyn: Ghost People
9. Cardopusher: Hotbox
10. Joy Orbison: BB
11. Aleksi Perälä: Feast
12. Zoé Zoe: October
13. Versalife: Fargon
14. Neon Jung: Delirium Tremens (Nathan Fake Remix)
15. 214: Frostbite
16. Lory D: Road Hog
17. DJ Tone: Insanity

All I remember is turning off the smoke machine some time after midnight when the mist started rolling down from the hills, and someone switching the lighting desk off shortly after. The moonlight breaking through the clouds and then everything getting very far away.

Thanks to Alex for recording it even though I asked you not to. And thanks to Elaine for the jumpers.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Fata Morgana

1. The Merchants of Dream: Mother's Overture (excerpt)
2. Abahambi: Those Days
3. Alan Hawkshaw: Strange Noises (excerpt)
4. Myrna Hague: Touch Me Baby
5. Kai Warner: Funky Harem
6. Little Beaver: Let The Good Times Roll
7. Armando Trovaioli: Enfando
8. Kumar Sanu: Ek Ladki Ko Dekha
9. Between: Devotion
10. Dub Specialists: Gumbay Jump
11. Ilayaraaja: Poo Poo Kkum
12. The Invaders: Spacing Out
13. Jennifer Lara: I Am In Love
14. Nahid Ahktar: Karye Pyar
15. Flowers: For Real
16. Unknown Group of School Children: Chariot Jubilee
17. Midori Takada: Trompe L'oeil (excerpt)

Fata Morgana

O sweet illusions of song
That tempt me everywhere
In the lonely fields, and the throng
Of the crowded thoroughfare

I approach, and ye vanish away
I grasp you, and ye are gone
But ever by night and by day
The melody soundeth on

As the weary traveller sees
In desert or prairie vast
Blue lakes, overhung with trees
That a pleasant shadow cast

Fair towns with turrets high
And shining roofs of gold
That vanish as he draws nigh
Like mists together rolled

So I wander and wander along
And forever before me gleams
The shining city of song
In the beautiful land of dreams

But when I would enter the gate
Of that golden atmosphere
It is gone, and I wonder and wait
For the vision to reappear

Henry Longfellow 1870

Devil Inside

Devil Inside

1. Ennio Morricone: La Strada Della Follia (excerpt)
2. A.A. Allen: Cast Out The Demons (excerpt)
3. Rusty Dean: Saturday Satans, Sunday Saints
4. Steve King: Satan Is Her Name
5. Vladimir Ussachevsky: Film Music Part One (excerpt)
6. Position Normal: Evil
7. Loretta Lynn: The Devil Gets His Due
8. The McCoys: Hell (excerpt)
9. Eartha Kitt: I Want To Be Evil
10. Phil Kraus & Bob Rosengarden: Satan Takes A Holiday
11. Roger Roger: Weird Moment
12. Ginny Arnell: He's My Little Devil
13. Edward Artemiev: Mosaic (excerpt)
14. Ella Fitzgerald: Get Thee Behind Me Satan
15. Vandroogenbroeck, Allen & Reidy: Space Walk
16. Karlheinz Stockhausen: Struktur III (excerpt)
17. Mister Rogers: Good People Sometimes
18. Les Baxter: Black Mass
19. Annie Ross: Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
20. Gene Moore: Cast Out Devils
21. F. Bayle: Adromede
22. Bob Larson: Exorcism No.1
23. Bobby Vee: Devil Or Angel
24. Krzysztof Penderecki: Fonogrammi
25. The Louvin Brothers: Satan's Jeweled Crown






Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Salaam Alaikum

FDW live at the Pinchy & Friends one year anniversary weekend, Ace Hotel, Palm Springs, May 2013.

Salaam Alaikum

1. Hossam Ramzy: Night Foal (excerpt)
2. Abu Wafsi: Deg Deg Dagdeglo
3. Salwa Al-Katrib: Bou El-A'abayah
4. Lahbib Boutaxi: Unknown Title
5. Omar Dahouss: Ahwach Al-Âwad #4
6. Omar Khorshid: Guitar El Chark
7. Bnat Oudaden & Illis Ntihihite: Unknown Title
8. Issam Rajji: Hizzi Ya Nawa'aeim
9. Ahwach Argan Tafraout: Unknown Title
10. Sammy Clark: Dal'ouna
11. Mohamed Al Ali: Mili Alay
12. Mahmoud Guinia: Al Umm
13. Awalom Gebremariam: Desaes #1
14. Melhem Barakat: Sho Ba'adou Natir

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

On Top Of The Hill

On Top Of The Hill

1. S.P. Balasubramaniam - I Want to Tell You Something
2. Errol Bellot - What a Wonderful Feeling
3. Fern Kinney - Baby Let Me Kiss You
4. Giorgio Moroder - Warum
5. Los Ahijados Cuco y Martin Valoy - Deja gozar mi negra
6. Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee - climbing on top of the hill
7. Ambassadeur International - Mandjou
8. Richie Havens - It Could Be The First Day
9. Angela Prince - No Bother with No Fuss
10. Yoko Ono - Mind Train


Monday, 4 February 2013

Let's start at the beginning and work back from there. FDW mixes for your pleasure...

There's An Eagle In Those Dreams You Have

1. David Shrigley & Gavin Mitchell: A Toast
2. The Phantom: When I Found Out
3. Ezlv: Selfish Beat
4. Cupp Cave: Thoughtograph
5. Roland Tings: Polo Sport
6. Giovanni Damico: A Dream With You
7. Slowhouse: Untitled
8. Wagon Christ: Deep Down
9. Chicago Damn: RAW
10. Affie Yusuf: Acid Playground
11. Flyypost: Under The Bed
12. Outboxx: Dolph’s Vision
13. Roche: A Night At The Hac
14. Last Magpie: (Who Knows) Where Love Goes

The Haunted Music Hall

1. Chorus of the Children's Opera Group: Cuckoo, Where Are You?
2. Malcolm Clarke & Glynis Jones: Nénuphar (excerpt)
3. Basil Kirchin: Heart of the North
4. Daphne Oram: Introduction c. 1969
5. Terry Thomas: Mixed Bathing
6. David Snell: Gentle Moves
7. Lady June: Reflections
8. Structures Sonores: Danse du Cristal No. 1
9. Michael Cox: Angela Jones
10. Barry Gray: Advert For Joan Gray's Shop, Guernsey
11. Bob Keene: Persuasion
12. Algernon Blackwood: The Empty House (excerpt)
13. Delia Derbyshire: Dreaming
14. Barry Gray: Hair & Beauty Salon
15. Mike Sammes Singers: Just Leave Everything to Me
16. John Cameron: Locked Room and Mirror Sequence
17. Dick Mills: Sea Of Mercury
18. Tessie O'Shea: Nobody Loves A Fairy When She's Forty
19. Unknown: 'No Trees in the Street' Flexidisc Trailer
20. Pamela Blue: My Friend Bobby
21. Roger Limb: Aerial Currents
22. Paul Mark: Rains Of Jogashima
23. Cults Percussion Ensemble: Circles
24. Giuli Sorgini: Trance
25. Unknown: Female Entities (England 1970s)
26. Tristram Cary: M1 - Electronic Titles, Montage of Metal Sounds
27. Janko Nilovic: Sonatine Pour Un Métallophone
28. Unknown: Amor Dei (BBC 1964) (excerpt)
29. Joel Andrews: Violet Flame part 2 (excerpt)
30. Barry Gray: Ekco Radio & Television
31. Johnny Hawksworth: Sandy Beach
32. John Baker: Structures
33. Conroy Library Music: Calm
34. Peter Howell: Galactic Travel
35. Anne Briggs: The Cuckoo (excerpt)
36. Richard Yeoman-Clark: Mysterio
37. Harry Lauder: Keep Right On To The End Of The Road

A Marvelous Night For A Moon Dance

1. Magic Touch & Sapphire Slows: Just Wanna Feel
2. Slowhouse: Untitled
3. Admin: Eskimo
4. Darling Farah: Body (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
5. James Ferraro: Baby Mitsubishi
6. Coyote Clean Up: Nite Aid Nightly
7. Grimes: Zoal, Face Dancer
8, Yoko Ono: The Sun Is Down
9. Yoko Ono: Will I
10. Holy Other: Held
11. Skeleton Lipstick: Philadelphia
12. Fulgeance: Wet
13. Taken By Trees: Your Place Or Mine
14. The Hundred In the Hands: Tunnels (LDFD Remix)
15. John Maus: Hey Moon
16. AV Bornand: Auld Lang Syne

1. Coyote Clean Up: You Won’t Know
2. Chaos In The CBD: In Between
3. Homework: Hold Me Tight
4. Emotion II Emotion: Night & Day
5. Walk The Dog: I Can't (Innergaze Remix)
6. Sparks: My Other Voice
7. Cuticle: Flair
8. Marianne Faithfull: Broken English
9. James Ferraro: SO N2U
10. Kuhn: Even Bears
11. Brian Eno & David Byrne: The Jezebel Spirit
12. Strategy: Friends & Machines
13. LOL Boys: Don’t Want You
14. Chopin: Nocturne in B Flat Minor, Op. 9, No. 1

Melt Snow Afternoon

1. Derbyshire, Simpson, Hodgson & Vorhaus: Planetarium (excerpt)
2. Anne Briggs: The Snow It Melts The Soonest (excerpt)
3. Mike Vickers: Time Trial
4. Position Normal: Fanny
5. Johnny Keating: Carlos’ Theme
6. David Snell: Country Walks
7. Children of the Italia Conti School: Trees & Flowers
8. Edward Williams: The Sex Life of the Fern
9. Brian Whitehouse: Sonata In A Major
10. Johnny Morris: Lulu the Baby Seal
11. John Baker: Space Workshop MQ LP48/4
12. Daphne Oram: Lego Builds It
13. Pamela Blue: Hey There Stranger
14. BBC Radiophonic Workshop: Adagio (excerpt)
15. Cults Percussion Ensemble: Polymers
16. Clara Rockmore: Rachmaninoff - Vocalise
17. Phyllis April King: The Wasted Call
18. Steve Gray: Gliding Through Clouds
19. Jazz Baroque Quartet: Sonate A Trois
20. Valerie Masters: He Didn't Fool Me
21. Tristram Cary: Narcissus
22. Stanley Unwin: Artcraft
23. Brian Cant: The Little Steam Train
24. The Scaffold: Mr. Tickle
25. Susanna Mildonian: La Source - Etude Op 44
26. Ivor Cutler: A Suck of My Thumb
27. Lady June: The Letter
28. Peter Wyngarde: Pay No Attention
29. John Ross-Bernard: Introduction
30. Structures Sonores: Manège


1. Prince Rama: Blade of Austerity
2. Peaking Lights: Midnight Dub
3. Eric Copeland: Krankendudel
4. Maria Minerva: Hagasuxzzavol
5. U.S. Girls: Slim Baby
6. LA Vampires with Maria Minerva: Seasons Change
7. The Samps: YellowJacket
8. The Miracles Club: Light of Love (Whendays Ecstasy Remix)
9. Rainbow Arabia: Holiday in Congo
10. Sand Circles: Infinity Pool
11. Leech: Baby, Understand
12. Bobby Browser: No Appointments
13. Octo Octa: I Can Feel You (Dub Version)

Island of Forgetfulness

1. Iasos: Crystal Petals
2. The City: I Wasn't Born To Follow
3. Anna Själv Tredje: Inkomster Utanför Tiden (excerpt)
4. Michele: Know Yourself
5. Orpheus: Monkey Demon
6. The Harmonic Choir: Multiplying Voices at the Hear (excerpt)
7. Allaudin William Mathieu: Scales Of Scales
8. Roger Davy: Corail Dans La Mer De Tranquillite
9. Joanna Brouk: Atavesta
10. Colleen Lovett: Birds With Broken Wings Pt 2
11. Paul Horn: Inside
12. The Trees Community: Psalm 42
13. Hans-Joachim Roedelius: In Liebe Dein
14. Roger Winfield: Windsong 3
15. Peter Finger: Blues For The Rhine
16. Swami Kriya Ramananda: Song Of The Golden Lotus
17. These Trails: Our House In Hanalei

Their Heads Are Green

1. Aldyn-Ool Sevek: Demonstration Of Kargyraa (excerpt)
2. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou: Dis Mois La Verité
3. Lafayette Afro Rock Band: Hihache
4. Omar Khorshid: Ommil Habiba
5. Meas Samoun: The Engagement
6. Jean-Charles Capon & Daniel Humair: Marchaleco
7. Moussa Doumbia: Keleya
8. Climaco Sarmiento Y Su Orquesta: La Cigarra
9. The Last Poets: Black Thighs
10. The Rwenzori's: E Wara
11. Jannick Top: Soleil d'Ork
12. Sabu Martinez: Afro Temple
13. German Rosario: Historia de mi Guitarra

Let Me See You

1. Octo Octa: Let Me See You
2. Ace of Clubs: Benefist
3. Avey Tare: Oliver Twist
4. LA Vampires: Found You
5. Jonas Reinhardt: Foam Fangs (Beat Broker Remix)
6. Burial & Four Tet: Moth
7. Linda Scott: Ev'ry Little Star
8. Black Sabbath: Supernaut
9. Maurizio: M06A
10. The Congos: La La Bam-Bam
11. Sun Araw: Impluvium
12. Four Tet: Circling