Monday, 4 February 2013

Let's start at the beginning and work back from there. FDW mixes for your pleasure...

There's An Eagle In Those Dreams You Have

1. David Shrigley & Gavin Mitchell: A Toast
2. The Phantom: When I Found Out
3. Ezlv: Selfish Beat
4. Cupp Cave: Thoughtograph
5. Roland Tings: Polo Sport
6. Giovanni Damico: A Dream With You
7. Slowhouse: Untitled
8. Wagon Christ: Deep Down
9. Chicago Damn: RAW
10. Affie Yusuf: Acid Playground
11. Flyypost: Under The Bed
12. Outboxx: Dolph’s Vision
13. Roche: A Night At The Hac
14. Last Magpie: (Who Knows) Where Love Goes

The Haunted Music Hall

1. Chorus of the Children's Opera Group: Cuckoo, Where Are You?
2. Malcolm Clarke & Glynis Jones: Nénuphar (excerpt)
3. Basil Kirchin: Heart of the North
4. Daphne Oram: Introduction c. 1969
5. Terry Thomas: Mixed Bathing
6. David Snell: Gentle Moves
7. Lady June: Reflections
8. Structures Sonores: Danse du Cristal No. 1
9. Michael Cox: Angela Jones
10. Barry Gray: Advert For Joan Gray's Shop, Guernsey
11. Bob Keene: Persuasion
12. Algernon Blackwood: The Empty House (excerpt)
13. Delia Derbyshire: Dreaming
14. Barry Gray: Hair & Beauty Salon
15. Mike Sammes Singers: Just Leave Everything to Me
16. John Cameron: Locked Room and Mirror Sequence
17. Dick Mills: Sea Of Mercury
18. Tessie O'Shea: Nobody Loves A Fairy When She's Forty
19. Unknown: 'No Trees in the Street' Flexidisc Trailer
20. Pamela Blue: My Friend Bobby
21. Roger Limb: Aerial Currents
22. Paul Mark: Rains Of Jogashima
23. Cults Percussion Ensemble: Circles
24. Giuli Sorgini: Trance
25. Unknown: Female Entities (England 1970s)
26. Tristram Cary: M1 - Electronic Titles, Montage of Metal Sounds
27. Janko Nilovic: Sonatine Pour Un Métallophone
28. Unknown: Amor Dei (BBC 1964) (excerpt)
29. Joel Andrews: Violet Flame part 2 (excerpt)
30. Barry Gray: Ekco Radio & Television
31. Johnny Hawksworth: Sandy Beach
32. John Baker: Structures
33. Conroy Library Music: Calm
34. Peter Howell: Galactic Travel
35. Anne Briggs: The Cuckoo (excerpt)
36. Richard Yeoman-Clark: Mysterio
37. Harry Lauder: Keep Right On To The End Of The Road

A Marvelous Night For A Moon Dance

1. Magic Touch & Sapphire Slows: Just Wanna Feel
2. Slowhouse: Untitled
3. Admin: Eskimo
4. Darling Farah: Body (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
5. James Ferraro: Baby Mitsubishi
6. Coyote Clean Up: Nite Aid Nightly
7. Grimes: Zoal, Face Dancer
8, Yoko Ono: The Sun Is Down
9. Yoko Ono: Will I
10. Holy Other: Held
11. Skeleton Lipstick: Philadelphia
12. Fulgeance: Wet
13. Taken By Trees: Your Place Or Mine
14. The Hundred In the Hands: Tunnels (LDFD Remix)
15. John Maus: Hey Moon
16. AV Bornand: Auld Lang Syne

1. Coyote Clean Up: You Won’t Know
2. Chaos In The CBD: In Between
3. Homework: Hold Me Tight
4. Emotion II Emotion: Night & Day
5. Walk The Dog: I Can't (Innergaze Remix)
6. Sparks: My Other Voice
7. Cuticle: Flair
8. Marianne Faithfull: Broken English
9. James Ferraro: SO N2U
10. Kuhn: Even Bears
11. Brian Eno & David Byrne: The Jezebel Spirit
12. Strategy: Friends & Machines
13. LOL Boys: Don’t Want You
14. Chopin: Nocturne in B Flat Minor, Op. 9, No. 1

Melt Snow Afternoon

1. Derbyshire, Simpson, Hodgson & Vorhaus: Planetarium (excerpt)
2. Anne Briggs: The Snow It Melts The Soonest (excerpt)
3. Mike Vickers: Time Trial
4. Position Normal: Fanny
5. Johnny Keating: Carlos’ Theme
6. David Snell: Country Walks
7. Children of the Italia Conti School: Trees & Flowers
8. Edward Williams: The Sex Life of the Fern
9. Brian Whitehouse: Sonata In A Major
10. Johnny Morris: Lulu the Baby Seal
11. John Baker: Space Workshop MQ LP48/4
12. Daphne Oram: Lego Builds It
13. Pamela Blue: Hey There Stranger
14. BBC Radiophonic Workshop: Adagio (excerpt)
15. Cults Percussion Ensemble: Polymers
16. Clara Rockmore: Rachmaninoff - Vocalise
17. Phyllis April King: The Wasted Call
18. Steve Gray: Gliding Through Clouds
19. Jazz Baroque Quartet: Sonate A Trois
20. Valerie Masters: He Didn't Fool Me
21. Tristram Cary: Narcissus
22. Stanley Unwin: Artcraft
23. Brian Cant: The Little Steam Train
24. The Scaffold: Mr. Tickle
25. Susanna Mildonian: La Source - Etude Op 44
26. Ivor Cutler: A Suck of My Thumb
27. Lady June: The Letter
28. Peter Wyngarde: Pay No Attention
29. John Ross-Bernard: Introduction
30. Structures Sonores: Manège


1. Prince Rama: Blade of Austerity
2. Peaking Lights: Midnight Dub
3. Eric Copeland: Krankendudel
4. Maria Minerva: Hagasuxzzavol
5. U.S. Girls: Slim Baby
6. LA Vampires with Maria Minerva: Seasons Change
7. The Samps: YellowJacket
8. The Miracles Club: Light of Love (Whendays Ecstasy Remix)
9. Rainbow Arabia: Holiday in Congo
10. Sand Circles: Infinity Pool
11. Leech: Baby, Understand
12. Bobby Browser: No Appointments
13. Octo Octa: I Can Feel You (Dub Version)

Island of Forgetfulness

1. Iasos: Crystal Petals
2. The City: I Wasn't Born To Follow
3. Anna Själv Tredje: Inkomster Utanför Tiden (excerpt)
4. Michele: Know Yourself
5. Orpheus: Monkey Demon
6. The Harmonic Choir: Multiplying Voices at the Hear (excerpt)
7. Allaudin William Mathieu: Scales Of Scales
8. Roger Davy: Corail Dans La Mer De Tranquillite
9. Joanna Brouk: Atavesta
10. Colleen Lovett: Birds With Broken Wings Pt 2
11. Paul Horn: Inside
12. The Trees Community: Psalm 42
13. Hans-Joachim Roedelius: In Liebe Dein
14. Roger Winfield: Windsong 3
15. Peter Finger: Blues For The Rhine
16. Swami Kriya Ramananda: Song Of The Golden Lotus
17. These Trails: Our House In Hanalei

Their Heads Are Green

1. Aldyn-Ool Sevek: Demonstration Of Kargyraa (excerpt)
2. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou: Dis Mois La Verité
3. Lafayette Afro Rock Band: Hihache
4. Omar Khorshid: Ommil Habiba
5. Meas Samoun: The Engagement
6. Jean-Charles Capon & Daniel Humair: Marchaleco
7. Moussa Doumbia: Keleya
8. Climaco Sarmiento Y Su Orquesta: La Cigarra
9. The Last Poets: Black Thighs
10. The Rwenzori's: E Wara
11. Jannick Top: Soleil d'Ork
12. Sabu Martinez: Afro Temple
13. German Rosario: Historia de mi Guitarra

Let Me See You

1. Octo Octa: Let Me See You
2. Ace of Clubs: Benefist
3. Avey Tare: Oliver Twist
4. LA Vampires: Found You
5. Jonas Reinhardt: Foam Fangs (Beat Broker Remix)
6. Burial & Four Tet: Moth
7. Linda Scott: Ev'ry Little Star
8. Black Sabbath: Supernaut
9. Maurizio: M06A
10. The Congos: La La Bam-Bam
11. Sun Araw: Impluvium
12. Four Tet: Circling