Thursday, 13 November 2014

This Mortal Coil


This Mortal Coil

1. Joanna Brouk: Touching The Sky (excerpt)
2. Philip Larkin: Days
3. Lloyd Silverthorne: A Garden In Springtime (excerpt)
4. Dick Mills: Catch The Wind
5. Mike Harding: Synthesised Wind
6. Molly Drake: How Wild The Wind Blows
7. Astral Sounds: Underwater
8. Michel Redolfi: Full Scale Ocean (excerpt)
9. Carl Orff & Gunild Keetman: The Day Is Now Over
10. Elizabeth Cotten: Fare You Well, My Darling
11. Michel Redolfi: Underwater Concerts Live Recordings (excerpt)
12. Barry Caws: Air Bubbles
13. Mike Harding: Sea Monster (From The Depths)
14. Dick Mills: Seascape
15. Danny & Dena Guglielmi: Out of Nowhere
16. Bruno Spoerri: Singing In The Dark
17. Milan Pilar: Irony of Force
18. Joel Vandroogenbroeck: Hymn To Osiris
19. Les Paul & Mary Ford: Blow The Smoke Away
20. Glynis Jones: Psychic Fears
21. Delia Derbyshire: Phantoms of Darkness
22. Chopin: Nocturne For Piano No.11 in G Minor, Op. 37/1, B. 119
23. Kenneth Bigwood: Wandering Albatross
24. Johnny Hawksworth: Shadow and Substance
25. Bob Dunn’s Vagabonds: Meet Me Tonight In Dreams
26. Egisto Macchi: Chanson de la Nuit
27. J. Martin Kohe: Live and Laugh!
28. Hiroshi Yoshimura: Dream
29. Philip Larkin: The Trees

The acorn carries an oak tree
Sleeping but for a little while
Winter lies in the arms of spring
As a mother carries her child
And never knows
How wild the wind blows

A thought carries a universe
A seed carries a field of grain
Love lies in the arms of change
As a joy carries a pain
And no one knows
How wild the wind blows

Molly Drake  How Wild The Wind Blows