Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Chapter 7: Shadows & Tall Trees

FDW Live at Feast of Mabon, Somerset September 2013

Chapter 7: Shadows & Tall Trees

1. Adana Twins: Strange
2. Greymatter: Tesla (Dub Refix)
3. Paul Key: You Got Feeling (Dub Version)
4. Marcellis: Untitled
5. LFO: Mentok 1
6. Sir Stephen: Hypercolor Emulsion
7. Inga Copeland: A&E
8. Martyn: Ghost People
9. Cardopusher: Hotbox
10. Joy Orbison: BB
11. Aleksi Perälä: Feast
12. Zoé Zoe: October
13. Versalife: Fargon
14. Neon Jung: Delirium Tremens (Nathan Fake Remix)
15. 214: Frostbite
16. Lory D: Road Hog
17. DJ Tone: Insanity

All I remember is turning off the smoke machine some time after midnight when the mist started rolling down from the hills, and someone switching the lighting desk off shortly after. The moonlight breaking through the clouds and then everything getting very far away.

Thanks to Alex for recording it even though I asked you not to. And thanks to Elaine for the jumpers.